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NuWave Benefits: Better Tasting Leftovers

The advent of refrigeration allowed people to store leftovers for extended periods of time, and so be able to cook in advance. Cut to the 21st Century, and almost every household fridge is filled with a motley assortment of leftovers ranging from yesterday’s salad to some meat dish cooked a couple of days ago. However, refrigeration merely guarantees preservation of food, not the taste. At the same time, it has been argued that foods cooked unevenly or with too much oil tend to lose their taste faster when refrigerated. However, as we shall see below, among the benefits offered by NuWave ovens are thorough and even cooking and equally even reheating to ensure that your leftovers are as tasty as on the day you cooked the dish.

NuWave cooks food better – NuWave ovens use far infrared heating elements to ensure that the intensity and circulation of the heat in the container is far superior to that of an ordinary oven. This eliminates the use of fats and reduces the need for oils to a minimum. As we all know, oily leftovers tend to taste worse than non oily foodstuffs left overnight. Further, NuWave ovens ensure that the heat reaches every part of the food evenly, thus cooking the food evenly. This means that the spices, garnishing, etc. do not get concentrated on any one end. Hence, no matter which part of the food is leftover, it will taste just like remainder did.

NuWave reheats more effectively – While it is true that NuWave ovens cook almost all types of food, it would be wrong to presume that all food in the refrigerator would be NuWave cooked. Indeed, there may be pre-cooked food like chicken wings, pizzas, etc. which were brought from outside and remained partly or wholly in the fridge for the night. In such circumstances, NuWave’s superior heating element again comes to the rescue. Since it produces high temperatures and penetrates the food from every angle, it does not matter what the foodstuff really is or how it was originally cooked – NuWave will be able to reheat it effectively. Again, the fact that NuWave ovens cook food evenly means that the original composition of the food is retained during reheating, thus helping retain taste.

Does this mean the chicken wings will regain their crispiness? Perhaps not, but with NuWave oven, chicken leftovers will taste much fresher and provide a much better semblance to the original taste than if it had been reheated using an ordinary oven.

Thus, the unique properties of NuWave ovens ensure better tasting leftovers in two ways. Firstly, they ensure that the food itself is thoroughly and evenly cooked with minimal use of oil, so that chances of retention of taste are maximized. Secondly, they reheat foods far more efficiently, retaining the original taste to a much greater extent than possible using a traditional oven. Considered together, these benefits make NuWave ovens a must-have kitchen appliance if you are in the habit of depending on leftovers for that late night snack or morning breakfast, or otherwise prefer to cook for a couple of days at a time.

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