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NuWave Oven Benefits – No Added Fats


Perhaps the most sought after feature of an oven today is the ability to reduce the fat intake of the family, and it is therefore not surprising that the market is filled with ovens that claim to achieve excellent cooking without addition of fats through obscure processes. Compared to them, NuWave’s line of ovens does not make such strange claims, simply because the NuWave oven benefits, including the elimination of the need to add fats, are inherent in the ovens’ very cooking mechanism.

Indeed, this innovative mechanism not only ensures good cooking without addition of fats, it also proactively removes fats from meats, etc. But how does this mechanism work? To explain this, we have prepared a short guide explaining the mechanism as well as the difference in fat reduction capacity between a NuWave oven and a conventional oven.

NuWave Oven Cooking Mechanism

Like all ovens, NuWave’s range of ovens depends upon the diffusion of heat into the foodstuffs to achieve thorough cooking. Conventional ovens, unfortunately, have a lopsided heating mechanism that demands use of oils and grease to spread the heat effectively and thus ensure even cooking. However, NuWave’s unique design and extremely efficient far infrared heating element ensure that all three heating processes – radiation, conduction and convection – are used in tandem to achieve a fast, thorough and most importantly – fat-less cooking.

This heating mechanism, called Triple Cooking Combo, ensures that the heat penetrates the food from one end to the other, with heating occurring at the centre of the foodstuff, before moving towards the surface. This ensures thorough and even cooking without the need for any conducting medium like oil, thus eliminating the unhealthiest of ingredients from your kitchen.

NuWave Oven Removes Fats And Oils

NuWave oven benefits are not limited to elimination of the need to use oils. TCC also melts the fats and oils naturally present in foodstuffs and cause them to collect at the base of the oven. Though this feature will work regardless of the position in which the food is kept, it is advisable to place the fatty food on the grill, so as to create a small distance between it and the base of the oven. In this position, as the fats are melted, they trickle down to the bottom of the oven and are no longer part of the cooking procedure. Sufficient space at the base ensures that this most healthy of NuWave oven benefits is not compromised by the amount of fat contained in the foodstuff.

Indeed, research has shown that the removal of fats is greatest when the amount of fats is high. In pork, for instance, the fat removal was found to be 250% more than that in a conventional oven. Similarly, 120% more beef fat was removed by NuWave ovens than by comparable conventional ovens.

As we can see, NuWave ovens eliminate the need for addition of fats and also remove fats from the fatty foods. This does not mean however, that the foods turn out to be devoid of flavor. Quite the opposite, since thorough and even cooking ensure that the natural flavors are retained and enhanced without the unpleasant tastes sometimes produced by excess addition of oils. Considered together, these NuWave oven benefits make these ovens the best candidates for inclusion in the kitchens of the modern health conscious families who do not wish to compromise on taste.

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