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Nuwave Oven Benefits – Cooks Evenly


It is a common complaint of many oven users that their appliances tend to cook well, but not uniformly so. They serve the food only to find that some parts taste good and some undercooked. Worse, if the appliance is unable to cook properly, the standard calculations regarding cooking times are distorted. This way one may end up cooking more or less than is actually necessary to achieve the minimum cooking required for all parts of the dish. Hence, many homemakers and cooks tend to seek ovens which cook evenly. The good news is that even cooking of virtually any dish is one of the major NuWave oven benefits. To explain just how NuWave oven cooks food evenly when other ovens don’t, we have compared the cooking procedures of the the conventional oven and the NuWave oven below.

Distribution of heat – Conventional ovens tend to cook food by applying heat in a manner which penetrates food from one direction, and does not circulate well. This results in the food being unevenly cooked, especially when the foods in question are non-vegetarian. However, with NuWave oven, the heat is distributed uniformly through a combination of the three classic heat transmission technologies viz. Convection, conduction and radiation. This combination is called Triple Combo Cooking, and it manages to produce food that is uniformly cooked.

Circulation of Air – Circulation of air is important to ensure proper distribution of heat. Conventional ovens lack this vital concept, and hence, cause the heat to rise to the top of the oven, thus ending up cooking more at one end than at the other. Further, they require the foods that need maximum cooking to be placed at the top rack instead of at the bottom rack, and this forces users to prolong cooking time if there are multiple bulky items to be cooked.

With the NuWave oven though, the heat is circulated throughout the cooking chamber using the small fan that is situated in the power head. When this hot air is circulated, it prevents head from concentrating at one place, while circulating it evenly throughout. This cooks the food evenly by improving the efficiency of the TCC power mentioned above. Hence, TCC power and the better circulation of air are the two major contributor to the most important of the NuWave oven benefits which is the even and thorough cooking of food.

No oil needed – Because conventional ovens tend to be inefficient in spreading the heat, they require oils to cook. Further, frozen foods, especially meats, tend to demand thawing in conventional ovens. However, the very use of oil tends to hinder even cooking, because very often the oil is not evenly spread, and tends to exacerbate the unevenness of the cooking.

One of the major NuWave oven benefits is that it requires minimal use of oil, since the food is cooked by heat alone. With little use of oil, the unevenness of oiling is removed, and food is both healthier and better cooked.

As seen above, the secret to the NuWave oven benefits lies in the efficient use of heat and circulation of air, which removes the need for oiling. This in turn produces healthier food that is equally well (if not better ) cooked but does not demand long cooking times. This makes NuWave ovens superior to conventional ovens and hence the ideal choice for homemakers having busy schedules and/or seeking a healthier diet without compromising on taste.

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