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Nuwave Oven Benefits : Lightweight And Portable

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an oven is its weight and dimensions, because available kitchen space is fixed and tends to progressively decline over time as utensils, appliances, etc. are added to it. However, it is equally true that a majority of oven manufacturers tend to advertise the lightweight and portable nature of their ovens while couching actual details in rather confusing metric terms. Therefore we carried out some research ourselves, and found that there are indeed lightweight and portable ovens which go by the name of NuWave ovens. You may naturally ask – how lightweight and portable? To answer this, we will run a simple comparison between the weight and dimensions of the NuWave oven and those of ordinary ovens.

Ordinary Ovens

Any search on the internet for the size of the average oven will yield a baffling range of figures because ovens indeed come in a variety of shapes. However, since we will focus on NuWave ovens, our comparison should ideally be with ovens that are meant for home use, since the NuWave ovens are mostly used at home.

  1. Conventional ovens – The most traditional type of ovens, a GE 24 inch gas wall oven will weigh 127 pounds. Larger ovens in the range of 40-50 inches weigh in excess of 250 pounds.
  2. Microwave ovens – Microwave ovens come in two shapes – countertop and over the range. A 0.7 cubic foot countertop microwave will weigh around 29 pounds while a 2 cubic foot microwave will be about 50 pounds in weight. Over the range microwave ovens generally weigh between 50 and 75 pounds.

NuWave Ovens

The NuWave oven benefits include a compact size that ensures both efficient cooking and minimal use of kitchen space. In fact, the NuWave Oven’s volume with just the 3 inch extender ring attached is 440 cubic inches (or 0.2 cubic feet). If the 5 inch extender ring is attached the volume goes up to 730 cubic inches (0.422 cubic feet) and with both attached, it comes to 1,173 cubic inch (0.677 cubic feet).

The weight of the NuWave oven minus any accessories is just 10 pounds. When handled with original packaging, the weight rises by 2 pounds, but even this is miniscule compared to the lightest conventional or microwave oven.

Thus, it is seen that the NuWave benefits include both portability and compactness. This is important because only with this combination can it be hoped that the NuWave oven will be truly portable. This in turn means that the NuWave oven can not only be moved around in the kitchen (or to any other part of the house as the need may arise), but it can also be taken outdoors. Further, it will fit in any kitchen. Add to this the fact that the NuWave oven can cook almost anything, and you can rest assured that no matter where you have to live, the NuWave oven will prove to be the ideal cooking companion.

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