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Nuwave Oven Benefits – Lose Weight

With obesity levels in the US alone touching 30% of the total population and health consciousness growing, more and more families are looking for appliances that lower or eliminate fats and oils from the cooking process. Not surprisingly then, many companies are claiming that their cooking appliances can cause a person to shed massive amounts of weight in as little as a week’s time. Standing out from the crowd is Nuwave, which nowhere claims that it can help users lose more than 2lbs a week. Nor does it claim weight loss as one of the prime Nuwave oven benefits. Quite ironically however, a study by Deutag Testing Centre found that users who used Nuwave ovens for 60 days lost a good amount of cholesterol (LDL – 83% and HDL – 50%), triglycerides (33%) and other types of body fat. Quite naturally, the users also witnessed sustained weight loss while retaining their physical and mental health. To understand how such an unassuming brand could engineer such miraculous changes, we need to see how a normal oven adds fats to the body, and how a Nuwave oven does just the opposite.

The Utility Of Oils And Fats

As far as traditional convection ovens are concerned, one of the main functions of fats and oils is to act as heat conductors. As the heat reaches the fatty substances, they tend to melt and permeate the foodstuff, thus creating channels by which heat can spread easily over a large area.  Further, the fats also help moisten the food because unaided by fats, heat in a convection oven cannot cause the natural juices of the foodstuff to undergo the mixing that is needed for making delicious foods.

Therefore, fats are needed because of two particular shortcomings of traditional ovens – poor effective heating capacity and uneven penetration of heat. These two reinforce each other to produce a third – slow cooking time. Beyond a point, the vital nutrients in the foods are lost. Worse, along with such loss, the fat content in the foodstuff rises steadily, thereby contributing significantly to the global levels of obesity.

How Is The Nuwave Oven Different ?

Though there are a number of Nuwave oven benefits, our focus on weight loss takes us to two features – the innovative heating mechanism and the use of grill racks – that ensure a delicious and nutritious yet low fat meal every time. The heating mechanism consists of a highly efficient infrared heating element. Coupled with the dome shaped glass bowl, this ensures spread of adequate amounts of hot air to all parts of the oven. As heat penetrates from all sides, the centre of the foodstuff becomes hot. This heat is then radiated in all directions within the foodstuff, thus triggering important chemical reactions that differentiate delicacies from soggy cooked foods that taste like cardboard. Since all the heat spreading is done by the hot air, there is no need to add fats or oils, thus making the foods virtually fat free.

Secondly, as mentioned above, the longer a food is cooked, more the vital nutrients lost and more the fat content increased. This innovative cooking process allows foods to be cooked 50% faster, thus ensuring that even if fats or oils are added, only the bare minimum needed for the recipe will be absorbed by the foodstuffs.

Furthermore, as the heat spreads, it causes the existing layers of fat in the foodstuff to melt. In traditional ovens, this molten fat is provided with poor outlets, thus forcing it to remain on the foodstuff or worse, be reabsorbed. Nuwave oven benefits include the use of an elevated metal grill that allows the molten fats to trickle out of the foods and into the base pan below. Indeed, it has been found that Nuwave ovens can remove about 250% more fats as compared to traditional ovens from the same foodstuffs and/or recipes. Thus the existing fat content of the foods is reduced drastically.

Considering all these benefits, it is pertinent to ask – why does Nuwave claim that its ovens help users lose only about 2lbs a week? The reason is that 2lbs is the maximum weight a healthy person can lose in a week without inviting health complications. As Nuwave oven benefits thus include a healthy means of losing weight, such weight loss can be sustained for a long time till the body reaches the right BMI level.  Coupled with the reduction in cholesterol shown in the Deutag Testing Centre project, these make it clear that the Nuwave oven is among the best options available for those who wish to reduce weight through a low-fat yet healthy diet.

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