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Nuwave Oven Benefits – Reduced Energy Costs

Anyone watching the infomercials about NuWave ovens would have been struck by the claim that this innovative kitchen appliance uses 85% less energy than a conventional oven. To be honest, this may not be a cent percent accurate claim, since it depends on what you are cooking and the conventional oven you have in mind. However, it is equally true that an overwhelming majority of customers (based on some research we conducted) considered the energy saving claims of the NuWave infomercials to be correct in spirit, even if they weren’t sure of the exactness of the amount of energy saved. Naturally, we weren’t satisfied with just an overall picture, and hence delved deeper into why and how NuWave oven reduces energy costs. In order to make your choice simpler and more informed, we have listed out in brief the findings of our search.

No preheating/defrosting required – NuWave ovens make use of highly efficient for infrared elements for heating. While other electrical appliances also use heating elements, NuWave’s heating elements tend to reach the desired temperature in a matter of seconds rather than the 10-15 minutes demanded by those in other appliances. This means that the 10-15 minutes of additional usage, and hence high power consumption, that conventional cooking appliances require, is not needed when cooking with an infrared oven. Add to this the fact that no defrosting is needed in infrared ovens, and you can assure yourself of significant reduction in energy costs when using a NuWave oven.

NuWave ovens cook food 50% faster – NuWave ovens make use of a technology called Triple Combo Cooking (TCC) power. Though the “Triple” in TCC comprises of conduction, convection and infrared radiation, it is the “Combo” which really matters. Indeed, NuWave ovens are known for making efficient use of all three heat transmission systems to ensure that not only is the food cooked thoroughly, it is also cooked rapidly.

However, this intensive use of three heating methods does not mean it will consume more power than that consumed by an average oven. Indeed, TCC, by ensuring more effective overall heating, actually reduces the electricity demand of the oven. Add to this the fact that the time taken to cook the food is reduced by half, and you can anticipate the amount of electricity saved by the NuWave oven.

These together ensure substantial reduction of energy costs, especially when preparing dishes that would demand preheating and defrosting in a conventional oven. As you may have guessed, the difference would be less when it comes to cooking lighter foods. However, the real capabilities of an oven should be judged by its performance when cooking the most difficult and time consuming dishes, and it is in this category that NuWave shines the brightest. Although it can perhaps never be said for certain whether the NuWave oven will save you 85% of the energy demanded by a conventional oven when cooking a specific dish, you can rest assured that regardless of the dish, there will be substantial reduction in energy costs when using the NuWave oven.

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