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NuWave Oven Benefits: Do I Have To Preheat The Nuwave Oven?

Traditional ovens, no matter what claims their manufacturers made, required some amount of preheating to ensure efficient cooking. Naturally, this took a lot of time, not to mention waste of electricity. Now imagine an oven which requires neither, and can start cooking even frozen food as efficiently as a preheated traditional oven from the moment you first start the timer. This indeed is one of the NuWave oven benefits, and you may have heard it on TV, etc. but not quite believed it. Therefore, we have carried out some research ourselves to show just why this preheating is required in traditional ovens and why it is not necessary in your NuWave oven.

Why do traditional ovens require preheating?

Preheating essentially refers to getting the temperature of the heating element to the temperature required by the recipe. Traditional heating elements took time to reach the target temperature. Now some foods, like casseroles, may be alright and will just take more time. However, some recipes, like southern biscuits or pastries, require cooking for short periods but at relatively high temperatures.

This means that the oven should be ready to offer that much heat the moment you place the food inside it. This, due to the time taken by the older heating elements, is only possible if the heating element is already at (or reasonably near) that temperature. If it is not, a recipe like southern cookies, which requires rapid and even baking at high temperature, may end up being unevenly cooked with the inside being prepared but the exterior not undergoing the browning expected.

Why do NuWave ovens not require preheating?

NuWave ovens also rely on heating elements so technically they too should require some preheating. However, these heating elements are far more efficient than what traditional heaters use. This means that once the timer is started, the heating element begins to produce the required amount of heat in matters of seconds instead of minutes, thus ensuring that there are no appreciable delays between the start of cooking and reaching of required temperature.

Adding to this efficiency is the TCC (Triple Combo Cooking) Power, which utilizes the combination of conduction, convection and radiation (infrared rays) to cook food in a more thorough and efficient manner. What this essentially means is that foods which require the heat to pass through it evenly can be cooked like any other food without worrying about undercooked parts, etc. This is also the reason (apart from the heating element’s efficiency) that frozen foods can be cooked without the need for any need for defrosting of the food.

Thus, it becomes clear that NuWave ovens do not require preheating due to efficiency of the heating elements involved and the presence of TCC power. Indeed, when you see a certain recipe demanding preheating to a certain temperature, simply set the NuWave oven to that temperature and jump ahead to the steps which follow preheating. This will make cooking in a NuWave oven far more hassle free, less time consuming and last but not the least, less electricity intensive than cooking in a traditional oven.

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