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How Much Will Replacement Nuwave Oven Parts Cost ?

NuWave Infrared OvenNuWave ovens, like most kitchen appliances, are prone to break-downs and gradual wear-and-tear, which force the user to look for NuWave oven parts as replacements. A simple search will give you a number of options that can lead to confusion. Make a mistake, and you could end up paying for shipping back to the warehouse. It is for this reason that we have done some research and brought together a list of the most common NuWave oven parts that can malfunction, along with the most accurate market prices currently prevalent.

Power Head – This is perhaps the most sophisticated of the parts, and therefore requires a good amount of money to replace. The most common of the power heads is the Power Head Classic, which is priced at $55 on the official site. This analog power head is the focus of the most complaints, so if you have a NuWave oven that uses an analog power head, you might want to be prepared to purchase this particular oven part within 2 years. These aside, there are digital power heads, whose prices vary depending on the availability of a particular color. At the time of writing, the blue/white oven parts were priced the lowest at $44.85, while the silver ones demanded $70.

NuWave Oven Dome – Many customers complained that their NuWave oven domes cracked after a few months of usage, and had to be replaced with a $25 dome. However, the company has now introduced a supposedly better variant of the NuWave oven parts, which is called the Power Dome. While the ordinary dome cost around $25, the Power Dome comes for double the amount ($49.95). One can hope that the costly Power Dome lives up to its promise, especially since the ordinary dome is already out of stock on the main site (it is available on eBay).

Cooking Rack – Cooking racks are perhaps the most diverse of NuWave oven parts in terms of size, so it is important that you know which size you need. This is all the more important because all the three available sizes – 1inch/4inch reversible, 2inch and mini – are priced almost identically ($15 for the first two and $12.95 for the mini rack).

Base – It is rare to find a customer who complains about the base, but some did complain that along with the plastic dome, the plastic base cracked as well due to the heat generated. As far as NuWave oven parts go, the base is perhaps the most confusing, since the images shown for almost all the models is virtually the same, as is the price ($8). You should therefore read the description carefully to see if the color/model combination that you’re looking for is indeed the one you’re being offered.

The above list of NuWave oven parts does not list all the parts, but then neither do all the parts malfunction. The ones that have been listed, however, are the usual culprits and therefore need to be replaced at least one or two times during the lifetime of a NuWave oven. Hence, while it would be over-cautious to purchase these oven parts in advance, one should have an idea of the cost of replacements if he/she plans to use a NuWave oven.


  • To who it may concern
    If the dome was not drop or hit as mine was not.. why should the dome
    If there is so many out there with a crack dome issues why is there not recall on the dome?? This has nothing to do with
    the warranty, this a defect..
    Recall that would be the correct way to handle this issue, and show that you appreciate your customers and they can trust that you stand behind your product.
    Thanks for your time.
    wanda bogus
    201 cool springs rd.
    lexington, al. 35648


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