Infrared Cooking

What Is Infrared Cooking ?

Infrared CookingToday, Infrared cooking and NuWave ovens are all the rage in the grilling/cooking industry; however, you may be curious as to what the big deal is and why the trend is so big right now. Infrared cooking technology has been around since the early 1960s, but key patents have kept this type of cooking from being an affordable retail option until the last ten years (when the key patents expired.)

Infrared/NuWave ovens offer many benefits over traditional convection ovens and grills.

Faster Cooking: Infrared ovens use radiant heat which cooks food hotter than traditional gas grills and convection ovens. Infrared or NuWave ovens cook food by emitting heat to the foods they are cooking, while traditional ovens and grills cook by convection (circulating the heat around the food). This process allows for quicker cooking. You can fully cook a chicken breast or other meats approximately the same size in just 10 minutes.

Cook from Frozen: NuWave ovens can cook tender pieces of meat and vegetables straight from the freezer. Save time in your busy day by eliminating time to thaw food. You can also eliminate the need to plan ahead since you simply place foods from the freezer into the NuWave oven. Also, you can season frozen foods by adding water before adding the seasoning and/or using a sauce to season.

More Even Cooking: Infrared technology cooks food more evenly than traditional convection or traditional oven cooking. There is less chance of charring, and foods are cooked more evenly throughout and there is less chance of charring or burning. You and your guests will notice the difference – better tasting foods from a NuWave oven.

Save Energy: Infrared cooking uses almost 15 percent less energy than conventional ovens and grills. NuWave ovens do not heat the air around them, leave off comma after them so no more hot stuffy kitchens from cooking with traditional ovens.

Quick Preheating: Infrared ovens preheat in less than five minutes. The temperature is adjustable so many types of foods cook to perfection in these ovens.

No added Oils or Fats: Unlike traditional cooking, infrared cooking does not require added oils or fats, making it a much healthier option. It also reduces caloric intake if you are watching your weight.

Portable: NuWave ovens are lightweight and easy to move. NuWave ovens are perfect for small spaces. You can easily travel with them or use them on your patio.

Dishwasher Safe: Forget the stack of pots and pans to hand wash. NuWave ovens are dishwasher safe (excluding electrical parts.) This feature makes cleaning up after your meals a cinch. Enjoy more time with your family and less time cleaning up.

Restaurants have been using infrared cooking technology for years leave off this comma and now it is available for you at home. Take advantage of this new cooking option and it’s many benefits. Your conventional oven and grill will seem archaic after you use a NuWave oven!

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