Infrared versus Convection

From the dawn of man we have tried to figure out the most effective way of cooking the foods we love. Many inventions have been invented over the years to make our cooking lives easier. With the integration of electricity into mostly every home in the world, came the ability to cook meals using an electric oven. The electric oven replaced bulky and sometimes unreliable wood burning ovens in our kitchens. The traditional electric oven has since been replaced by more modern conveniences. Our traditional ovens are slow to heat up and even slower to cook food.

Newer technology has brought us the use of convection and infrared ovens that cook our food faster and more even than the old methods of cooking. With these new cooking methods, there is an ongoing debate of which way is better to cook all of our fabulous dishes in our homes. We are about to put it all out there for you and compare both convection ovens and infrared ovens to see the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can made an informed decision as to what is right for you.

Energy Usage

In today’s world people are more conscious of how much energy they are using. With the rising cost of fuel in all forms throughout the world people are looking for ways to reduce their consumption of energy. A convection oven uses a lot more energy than an infrared. Convection ovens are, generally, much larger than an infrared oven so there is more space to heat. It also takes much longer for a convection oven to reach the desired temperature than with infrared technology.

Infrared Ovens are Space Savers

A convection oven is the size, if not larger, than a traditional oven. There are many bulky parts contained within a convection oven. Infrared ovens are much smaller due to the fact that there are much less parts that go into producing an infrared oven. Infrared ovens are portable, so they are easily moved around the kitchen where ever space allows. Infrared ovens are compact enough to carry with you on trips in an RV or if an oven is needed in a venue where one is not provided.


As has been stated previously, a convection oven contains a lot of parts within the oven. These parts are bound to go out at some point and can be very expensive to replace. An infrared oven contains far fewer parts and, apart from the occasional filter or emitter change, there is relatively nothing that should have to be replaced. An infrared oven is also much cheaper to replace than a convection oven should the need ever arise to replace the oven.
Noise Factor

We all enjoy quiet in our homes. There are enough appliances that make a substantial amount of noise without adding to it with a noisy oven. An infrared oven is virtually silent. There are really no moving parts so worry about making noise. A convection oven has a main fan that runs the oven and is quite noisy.

Temperature Control is easier with Infrared Ovens

A convection oven is quite larger than an infrared oven. With the small stature of an infrared oven the heat can concentrated into a much smaller area to allow for more even cooking. The large space of a convection oven makes even cooking harder due to the fact that the temperature is harder to control when there is a larger surface area to consider.

Clean Cooking

Cleanliness is a major factor in any kitchen. There are a number of bacteria present on everyday items. Being able to sanitize any part of our kitchen quickly and easily cuts down greatly on the risk of those we love getting sick. A large convection oven does have some self-cleaning features. This allows the oven to heat up to a very high temperature to sanitize the oven’s surface. This again uses a great deal of energy and there is one problem with the sanitizing process. It only sanitizes the surface. Dust can build up on the interior parts of the oven and when the fan is switched on all that dust can be blown into the oven and onto your food. Most of the parts on an infrared oven are machine washable. They are very easily cleaned and there is not fan involved to blow contaminates onto the food.

It is clear that, in many ways, infrared cooking is far superior to that of a convection oven. With the rising cost of energy, more people are going to continue to look of more ways to curb energy costs. Most ovens in homes are still the traditional style, but infrared technology is becoming more widely used with each passing day. The advantages of infrared cooking are clear and soon the technology will replace more traditional forms of cooking in homes throughout the world.

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  • That’s really neat that infrared ovens don’t really have anything that needs to be replaced besides an IR emitter or a filter. I’ve been wondering what I should get in my home because I’m remodeling the kitchen. I’ll have to go with an infrared one and find where they sell emitters and filters to be prepared.

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