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Can The NuWave Oven Help Lose Weight ?

NuWave Infrared OvenWhile it is true that most health-conscious individuals today are concerned about weight gain, it is equally true that 99% of the time the means of weight loss are associated with healthier foods rather than cooking appliances. However, it is important to remember that each cooking appliance has its own cooking method, which can lead to it proving either helpful or harmful for your weight loss regime. Hence, when buying a NuWave oven, it is pertinent to ask, “Can the NuWave oven help lose weight ?” In order to answer this question, we need to first understand the difference between the cooking method of a NuWave oven and an ordinary cooker.


How does an ordinary oven cook food?

Ordinary ovens, or for that matter any of the traditional methods of cooking, involve extensive usage of fats and oils, which have long been known as the enemies of weight loss. Their usage becomes unavoidable because ordinary cookers cannot circulate heat efficiently through the food. Fats and oils help in this process of heat conduction, thus cooking the food evenly.

Even then, food, especially non-vegetarian dishes, take a long time to cook. Nutritionists have argued that the longer the food is fried, or even heated, the more it loses essential nutrients. On the other hand, the fats and oils get concentrated inside and on the surface of the foodstuffs, thus adding to the cholesterol count. Naturally, such foods are nutritionally less healthy and contribute greatly to weight gain.

How does NuWave oven cook food?

The NuWave oven uses a far infrared heating element so positioned that it passes heat effectively across every inch of the cooking container. Since the container is effectively sealed, there is no possibility of loss of heat. Further, the infrared element is far more efficient than the normal heating elements, allowing heat to penetrate food more effectively.

This means that, firstly, there is little need for addition of fats and oils for cooking. Even better, it has been found that NuWave ovens reduce the amounts of fat by as much as 250%, thus allowing you to consume fatty foods without losing sight of your weight loss goals. Add this to the fact that cooking with a NuWave oven typically takes half the time taken by an ordinary oven, and one can easily guess how much healthier NuWave cooking is. Indeed, it has been proved that eating chicken cooked in NuWave Oven three times a week for a month can reduce a person’s fat intake by upto 6.5 cups, as against food prepared by other means.

Does this mean that the NuWave oven eliminates fats from your diet ? Not really, since fats too are required in a small quantity for physical development. However, by reducing the excess fats drastically, it prevents the accumulation of fatty substances in the body in quantities which can pose a health risk. Further, by reducing the fats even in foods which naturally contain a lot of fat, it surely contributes to long-term weight loss.

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