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A Short Guide To NuWave Parts

Look up the specifications and parts of NuWave ovens on any internet site, and you’re likely to come across some not so simple terminologies. Add to them the fact that different sites list them in different orders, thereby adding to the confusion. However, considering the benefits of using NuWave ovens, it would be a pity indeed if you had to drop your plan of buying one simply because of some obscure language. On the other hand, there is no reason why you should go ahead with a purchase without having full knowledge of the NuWave parts. To this end, we have compiled below a short list of all the parts of the oven that you need to know of, along with their major functions and precautions required in their usage.

Power head – The power head is perhaps the most important of NuWave parts, since it houses the infrared element that does the cooking. It is also the heaviest of the NuWave parts. Power heads come in two varieties – analog (also called Classic) and digital. The former consists of dials for time and temperature, and is generally available in white and with red markings. Digital power head naturally consists of buttons and a small LCD screen. The screen is not backlit but is large enough for numbers to be easily made out. It comes in three colors – blue and white, red and white and black and silver. The Mini model requires the Mini power head, which is available in white. Please note that none of the power heads must ever be immersed in water or any other liquid. Instead they can be wiped with a damp cloth. Indeed, by virtue of being the only electrical part of the NuWave oven, it is the only exception to the general rule that NuWave parts are dishwasher friendly.

Power Dome – The power dome is actually the plastic container in which the food is to be kept. Recent models make use of tough plastic domes that are completely dishwasher friendly. Power domes are common across most NuWave models (NuWave Mini excepted).

Base – The round base is made of opaque black or white plastic. The NuWave parts for Pro and Classic models are sold as distinct items, though they are priced the same.

1”/4” cooking rack – The cooking rack fits snugly into the base. Being listed as 1”/4”, people often confuse it with two separate cooking racks. Actually, the cooking rack has extensions on each side which become pillars when you need a 4” rack. The cooking rack is also common across most NuWave models.

Dome Holder – The dome holder is a simple wire rack upon which the dome is set while cooking or just after the cooking is done.

The NuWave parts also include what is called the Extender Kit. It consists of –

  • Extender Ring – The extender ring is an optional component which sits above the power dome, thus raising the effective height of the container and increasing volume significantly. It is made of the same material as the power dome, and is also common across most NuWave models (again Mini excepted).
  • 10” enamel baking pan – It is a pan which fits inside the base and can be used for baking purposes.
  • 2” cooking rack – The 2” cooking rack is a smaller version of the cooking rack mentioned above. It can be placed atop the other cooking rack for multi level cooking.

As the above list shows, the various NuWave parts are not really hard to figure out once they are categorically explained. Although these explanations are short, it is highly unlikely that a more detailed description would be needed for day to day operation of the NuWave ovens.

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