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What Is Triple Combo Cooking Power (TCC) ?

When going through the descriptions of NuWave Ovens, one common term that one comes across is Triple Combo Cooking Power (TCC). The term sounds interesting, but what does it actually mean? Triple Combo Cooking Power (TCC), put very simply, is the combination of the three methods associated with transmission of heat viz. conduction, convection and radiation. Radiation in this context refers to the far infrared rays which are emitted from the infrared element that is the core of any NuWave oven. Simple as this may sound, it is the combined application of these that allows NuWave to cook food in the way it does. Therefore, to give you a better insight into just how your food turns from an assortment of ingredients into a succulent dish , we have put together a simple guide to understanding the various components of Triple Combo Cooking Power (TCC).

Conduction – Conduction is simply the transfer of heat through direct contact, usually between two solids. In this case, the solids are the rack or pan on which your food sits, and the food itself. Conduction is primarily responsible for the browning of the food on the outside. At the same time, it makes the food moist and succulent on the inside, for instance in the meat preparations made using NuWave oven.

Convection – Convection refers to the circulation of heat, usually through hot air. In the NuWave oven, this hot air is circulated using a quiet motor. This ensures even cooking of the food. Indeed, convection cooking technology is used by the professional chefs and bakeries to ensure efficient cooking. This perhaps explains why the NuWave oven is able to produce flavors many believe can only be found in products from high end bakeries and restaurants.

Infrared – As mentioned above, infrared is another name for radiant heat. Rays belonging to the far infrared segment of the light spectrum produce this heat, which can be found in everything from the sun’s rays to toasters and grilles. In the infrared oven, these rays penetrate the food from all angles and generate heat. This allows the food to be cooked from the inside. This, along with the other two technologies, ensures even and highly efficient cooking.

Having read through the above explanation, it is natural to assume that the combination of these technologies will make the NuWave oven more demanding in terms of energy consumption. However, in reality it is quite the opposite that happens, since cooking using multiple heating methods allows food to be cooked in less time, thereby reducing the operating time. Further, the NuWave oven utilizes a unique combination of technologies which, along with the shape of the container, ensure that all three heating methods are produced simultaneously without needing separate heating elements. Put these together with the benefits offered by the heating methods themselves, and it becomes clear that the Triple Combo Cooking (TCC) Power of the NuWave oven is actually the key to cooking delicious food in the shortest time possible, without running up a huge electricity bill.

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