Nuwave Oven Pro Plus Reviews, Healthy Way to Cook

Nuwave Oven is For Person Who is looking to try revolutionary and healthy method of cooking introduced in market before some years, other then coking with fire heat or charcoal heat or harmful microwave oven , Nuwave infrared oven are far batter and healthy then all this traditional methods people are using since ages. So Read this whole article to make your kitchen healthy and easy cooking revolution.

You can not only Roast with Nu wave Oven but you can do Roast, Broil, Grill, Bake, BBQ, Steam, Dehydrate and AirFry with your Nuwave Oven so I hope you are excited to check detail review and its pro and cons so let’s start

Here are TOP 3 Best NuWave Oven Reviews


Nuwave Pro Plus 14.5 x 12 x 14.25 inches

Nuwave Pro 14 x 16 x 14 inches

NuWave Mini13.8 x 10.5 x 10.8 inches

In this Nuwave Oven Reviews, We will give you each and every small detail  like Why You should select NuWave Oven, How It Works ?, Which are the Best Nu waev Infrered Oven Model available in the market, Is there any Risk involved in using this product ? Which Parts require maintenance, Benefits of using Nuwave Oven and many more details.

Nuwave Oven mainly cooks with 3 methods all together Conduction, Convention, and Infrared, this thing is explained in later part of this article, First now let’s check TOP 3 models in details.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to NuWave Infrared Oven

How NuWave Oven Works?

Infrared Cooking

Today, Infrared cooking and NuWave ovens are all the rage in the grilling/cooking industry; however, you may be curious as to what the big deal is and why the trend is so big right now. Infrared cooking technology has been around since the early 1960s, but key patents had kept this type of cooking from being an affordable retail option until the last ten years (when the key patents expired.)
NuWave ovens offer many benefits over traditional convection ovens and grills.

How to Use Nuwave Oven Works ?

Cooking with Nuwave Infrared Oven is easiest and healthy among all methods available currently. You Just need to put food (like Chicken Fries, Turkey ) On the Rack and put the Cooking Dome on it and set Cooking time like 20 Min, 25 Min etc… and after that time your food is ready to eat.

Is Infrared Cooking with Nuwave Oven Safe ?

Infrared cooking is merely cooking by using radiant heat, the kind of heat that we get from the warm wind in a sunny day. Its absolutely Much batter then Microwave Oven which produce radio active heat. Latest scientific research has also proved that infrared cooking is completely safe. According to Gary Zeman, certified health physicist in Berkeley, California, and spokesman for the Health Physics Society, the National Research Council found no link between such fields and cancer. He further adds that infrared cooking does not make food radioactive, change its protein structure or contaminate it in any way. Neither is the nutritional value of the food decreased in any way.

Nuwave Oven Pro Plus – with Stainless Steel Extender Ring

Nuwave Oven Pro PlusNuwave Oven Pro Plus is most popular and Bestseller Oven among all infrared oven, Pro Plus  is so far the best-selling model of Nuwave because it has many upgraded features other than its previous models and other brand’s oven. It is a very much handy tool in your kitchen for cooking a healthy and delicious meal.

Pro plus is fast in cooking food compared to other traditional cooking methods with traditional oven/microwave oven. The best thing is very much cost effective compared to a microwave oven or any other oven, This Oven comes with Stainless Steel Extender Ring that can be helpful to cook a large quantity of food.

Key Features of NuWave Oven Pro Plus 
  • defrosting and  pre-heating is not require
  • Use 3 methods to cook food – convection, conduction and infrared rays,
  • take very much less timer in cooking compare to other traditional methods.
  • Digital control on the top to set cooking time and temperature.
  • Innovative design that maintains heat while cooking food and prevent food from burning too
  • Lightweight Dome build with high-quality Plastic which can take heat at the time of cooking
  • Safe for Dishwasher (other than Head as it has Electronics Circuits)
  • Stainless Steel Extender Ring to cook a large amount of food altogether.
  • Extender ring allows cooking of up to 16lb turkey or 141b ham
  • No fats or oils needed unlike conventional ovens, and unique drainage mechanism ensures removal of 2-3 times the fat drippings removed by a conventional oven.
  • No defrosting needed
  • Oil not necessary
  • Can cook up to 16lb turkey or 141b ham as it has Extender Stainless Steel Ring
  • Can be fit in everyone’s budget
  • takes all most half time in cooking
  • Uniform heating at all points
  • It can be used to cook large number of foods items
  • All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • easy to use, with simple digital controls
  • Cooking time limited to two hours at a stretch. (that would be more than enough for most of the users, I think)

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Nuwave Oven Pro – Digital Controlled Oven

Nuwave Oven ProNuwave Oven Pro Digital Controlled Oven Can be perfectly fit in your kitchen in terms of size and budget, This is excellent in terms of easiness of use and maintenance. I had been especially confused by the complex technological terms that vendor websites used. I’m not sure what eventually got me, but I chose to have a leap of faith with this particular infrared oven. after 3 months of using, I’m happy for my cooking needs to have been aided by the Nuwave Oven Pro fairly well that I made this choice.

However, if you wish to own an oven that cooks fast and produces a flavorful flavor every time without surrendering a big chunk of your valuable kitchen space to some bulky oven (and of course the necessity to bend down every time, and also the electricity bills!), this oven is a fantastic choice.

Key Features of NuWave Oven Pro 
  • No  defrosting, pre-heating or ventilation is required
  • Food can be cooked by three methods – convection, conduction, and infrared rays result in cooking time reduced by half.
  • Digital controls, for Cooking time and Cooking Temperature.
  • Innovative locking mechanism to ensure that heat does not escape that prevents burns of foods.
  • The high-quality plastic used in Dome which is light in weight but Strong at the time of cooking.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Pack Include extender ring, cooking rack, baking pan and instructional DVD
  • Extender ring allows cooking of up to 16lb turkey or 141b ham
  • No fats or oils needed unlike conventional ovens. Special drainage mechanism ensures removal of 2-3 times the fat drippings removed by a conventional oven.
  • No defrosting needed
  • Oil not necessary
  • Affordable with price
  • Cooking times reduced by half or more in most cases
  • Uniform heating at all points
  • Can be used with all types of dishes, and extender kit allows cooking of large dishes like turkey, etc.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • All oven utensils can be used safely
  • Extremely easy to use, with simple digital controls
  • Cooking time limited to two hours at a stretch.
  • Few users complained that the “Peel Off” sticker was hard to remove, but I personally did not have this issue

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NuWave Oven Mini  

NuWave 20102 Oven MiniNuWave Oven Mini is the smaller version of NuWave Oven. Like Nuwave Pro and Nuwave Pro Plus, if you are not heavy eater or large family or only want to use oven for a small job like breakfast then Nuwave Mini is perfect for you. It will be smaller in dimension compare to other nuwave models but perform the same job so if you want to cook big turkey or a Ham then this might be bit smaller for that job so we advise you to go for regular size oven for those jobs otherwise this oven is perfectly fine and fits in your budget too.

Nuwave Mini comes with a handle at the top so it will be very easy for you to take out the dome of the oven after cooking, also its very healthy option to cook food with Nuwave Mini so check out our full review and I am sure you will be happy to have this oven in your kitchen.

Key Features of NuWave Oven Mini
  • Lightweight and Compact in design that will be easily fit in your kitchen.
  • No Preheat or deforestation require for this oven before using
  • No Oli need for cooking as it will use Hot Air to cook.
  • Extra Fat will drip from food so it will be a healthier option of cooking.
  • Powerhead comes with LCD and Digital Control so easy to operate.
  • Parts are Dish washer safe (Not Power head as it has Electronics Circuit )
  • Light weight and compact design
  • No defrosting needed
  • Oil is not require for cooking
  • Faster cooking than other treditional oven
  • Removes extra Fat from food so much healthier option for cooking
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Affordable with price
  • parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Control Panel at the top is little bit smaller than other nuwave models but not a big issue.

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Why NuWave Oven?

First thing comes into my mind when I heard about the NuWave oven is Trust. Currently, Nuwave is the big brand and most successful in Infrared Oven / Halogen Oven category. As per Last year report, more than 3 million pcs sold, that’s a huge number, and if you browse the internet you will not find many bad reviews about It, most of the people have a pleasant review of all most every model of it. Another thing Nuwave is maintaining its quality standard for many years, and that’s why it became very much popular.

Why NuWave Oven is batter than others?

Faster Cooking: Infrared ovens use radiant heat which cooks food hotter than traditional gas grills and convection ovens. Infrared or NuWave ovens cook food by emitting heat to the foods they are cooking, while conventional ovens and grills cook by convection (circulating the heat around the food). This process allows for quicker cooking. You can fully cook a chicken breast or other meats approximately the same size in just 10 minutes.

Cook from Frozen: NuWave ovens can cook tender pieces of meat and vegetables straight from the freezer. Save time in your busy day by eliminating time to thaw food. You can also eliminate the need to plan ahead since you simply place foods from the freezer into the oven. Also, you can season frozen foods by adding water before adding the seasoning and/or using a sauce to season.

More Even Cooking: Infrared technology cooks food more evenly than traditional convection or traditional oven cooking. There is less chance of charring, and foods are cooked more evenly throughout and there is less chance of charring or burning. You and your guests will notice the difference – better tasting foods from a NuWave oven.

Save Energy: Infrared cooking uses almost 15 percent less energy than conventional ovens and grills. NuWave ovens do not heat the air around them, leave off comma after them so no more hot stuffy kitchens from cooking with traditional ovens.

Quick Preheating: Infrared ovens preheat in less than five minutes. The temperature is adjustable, so many types of foods cook to perfection in these ovens.

No Added Oils or Fats: Unlike traditional cooking, infrared cooking does not require added oils or fats, making it a much healthier option. It also reduces caloric intake if you are watching your weight.

Portable: NuWave ovens are lightweight and easy to move and perfect for small spaces. You can easily travel with them or use them on your patio.

Dishwasher Safe: Forget the stack of pots and pans to hand wash. NuWave ovens are dishwasher safe (excluding electrical parts.) This feature makes cleaning up after your meals a cinch. Enjoy more time with your family and less time cleaning up.

Restaurants have been using infrared cooking technology for years leave off this comma and now it is available for you at home. Take advantage of this new cooking option and its many benefits. Your conventional oven and grill will seem archaic after you use a NuWave oven!

NuWave Oven Benefits

No 1 – Better Tasting Leftovers

NuWave cooks food betterNuWave ovens use far infrared heating elements to ensure that the intensity and circulation of the heat in the container is far superior to that of an ordinary oven. This eliminates the use of fats and reduces the need for oils to a minimum. As we all know, oily leftovers tend to taste worse than non oily foodstuffs left overnight. Further, NuWave ovens ensure that the heat reaches every part of the food evenly, thus cooking the food evenly. This means that the spices, garnishing, etc. do not get concentrated on any one end. Hence, no matter which part of the food is leftover, it will taste just like remainder did.

NuWave reheats more effectivelyWhile it is true that NuWave ovens cook almost all types of food, it would be wrong to presume that all food in the refrigerator would be NuWave cooked. Indeed, there may be pre-cooked food like chicken wings, pizzas, etc. which were brought from outside and remained partly or wholly in the fridge for the night. In such circumstances, NuWave Oven’s superior heating element again comes to the rescue. Since it produces high temperatures and penetrates the food from every angle, it does not matter what the foodstuff really is or how it was originally cooked – NuWave will be able to reheat it effectively. Again, the fact that NuWave ovens cook food evenly means that the original composition of the food is retained during reheating, thus helping retain taste. Thus, the unique properties of Nu Wave ovens ensure better tasting leftovers in two ways. Firstly, they ensure that the food itself is thoroughly and evenly cooked with minimal use of oil, so that chances of retention of taste are maximized. Secondly, they reheat foods far more efficiently, retaining the original taste to a much greater extent than possible using a traditional oven. Considered together, these benefits make NuWave ovens a must-have kitchen appliance if you are in the habit of depending on leftovers for that late night snack or morning breakfast, or otherwise prefer to cook for a couple of days at a time.

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 No 2 – Reduced Energy Costs

No preheating/defrosting required – NuWave ovens make use of highly efficient for infrared elements for heating. While other electrical appliances also use heating elements, NuWave’s heating elements tend to reach the desired temperature in a matter of seconds rather than the 10-15 minutes demanded by those in other appliances. This means that the 10-15 minutes of additional usage, and hence high power consumption, that conventional cooking appliances require, is not needed when cooking with an infrared oven. Add to this the fact that no defrosting is needed in infrared ovens, and you can assure yourself of significant reduction in energy costs when using a NuWave oven.

NuWave ovens cook food 50% fasterNuWave ovens make use of a technology called Triple Combo Cooking (TCC) power. Though the “Triple” in TCC comprises of conduction, convection and infrared radiation, it is the “Combo” which really matters. Indeed, NuWave ovens are known for making efficient use of all three heat transmission systems to ensure that not only is the food cooked thoroughly, it is also cooked rapidly. However, this intensive use of three heating methods does not mean it will consume more power than that consumed by an average oven. Indeed, TCC, by ensuring more effective overall heating, actually reduces the electricity demand of the oven. Add to this the fact that the time taken to cook the food is reduced by half, and you can anticipate the amount of electricity saved by the NuWave oven.

These together ensure substantial reduction of energy costs, especially when preparing dishes that would demand preheating and defrosting in a conventional oven. As you may have guessed, the difference would be less when it comes to cooking lighter foods. However, the real capabilities of an oven should be judged by its performance when cooking the most difficult and time consuming dishes, and it is in this category that NuWave shines the brightest. Although it can perhaps never be said for certain whether the NuWave oven will save you 85% of the energy demanded by a conventional oven when cooking a specific dish, you can rest assured that regardless of the dish, there will be substantial reduction in energy costs when using the NuWave oven.

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No 3 – Lightweight And Portable

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an oven is its weight and dimensions, because available kitchen space is fixed and tends to progressively decline over time as utensils, appliances, etc. are added to it. However, it is equally true that a majority of oven manufacturers tend to advertise the lightweight and portable nature of their ovens while couching actual details in rather confusing metric terms. Therefore we carried out some research ourselves, and found that there are indeed lightweight and portable ovens which go by the name of NuWave ovens. You may naturally ask – how lightweight and portable? To answer this, we will run a simple comparison between the weight and dimensions of the NuWave oven and those of ordinary ovens.

Ordinary Ovens

Any search on the internet for the size of the average oven will yield a baffling range of figures because ovens indeed come in a variety of shapes. However, since we will focus on NuWave ovens, our comparison should ideally be with ovens that are meant for home use, since the NuWave ovens are mostly used at home.

  1. Conventional ovens – The most traditional type of ovens, a GE 24 inch gas wall oven will weigh 127 pounds. Larger ovens in the range of 40-50 inches weigh in excess of 250 pounds.
  2. Microwave ovens – Microwave ovens come in two shapes – countertop and over the range. A 0.7 cubic foot countertop microwave will weigh around 29 pounds while a 2 cubic foot microwave will be about 50 pounds in weight. Over the range microwave ovens generally weigh between 50 and 75 pounds.

NuWave Ovens

The NuWave oven benefits include a compact size that ensures both efficient cooking and minimal use of kitchen space. In fact, the NuWave Oven’s volume with just the 3 inch extender ring attached is 440 cubic inches (or 0.2 cubic feet). If the 5 inch extender ring is attached the volume goes up to 730 cubic inches (0.422 cubic feet) and with both attached, it comes to 1,173 cubic inch (0.677 cubic feet).

The weight of the NuWave oven minus any accessories is just 10 pounds. When handled with original packaging, the weight rises by 2 pounds, but even this is miniscule compared to the lightest conventional or microwave oven.

Thus, it is seen that the NuWave benefits include both portability and compactness. This is important because only with this combination can it be hoped that the NuWave oven will be truly portable. This in turn means that the NuWave oven can not only be moved around in the kitchen (or to any other part of the house as the need may arise), but it can also be taken outdoors. Further, it will fit in any kitchen. Add to this the fact that the NuWave oven can cook almost anything, and you can rest assured that no matter where you have to live, the NuWave oven will prove to be the ideal cooking companion.

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No 4 – Cooks Evenly

It is a common complaint of many oven users that their appliances tend to cook well, but not uniformly so. They serve the food only to find that some parts taste good and some undercooked. Worse, if the appliance is unable to cook properly, the standard calculations regarding cooking times are distorted. This way one may end up cooking more or less than is actually necessary to achieve the minimum cooking required for all parts of the dish. Hence, many homemakers and cooks tend to seek ovens which cook evenly. The good news is that even cooking of virtually any dish is one of the major NuWave oven benefits. To explain just how NuWave oven cooks food evenly when other ovens don’t, we have compared the cooking procedures of the the conventional oven and the NuWave oven below.

Distribution of heat – Conventional ovens tend to cook food by applying heat in a manner which penetrates food from one direction, and does not circulate well. This results in the food being unevenly cooked, especially when the foods in question are non-vegetarian. However, with NuWave oven, the heat is distributed uniformly through a combination of the three classic heat transmission technologies viz. Convection, conduction and radiation. This combination is called Triple Combo Cooking, and it manages to produce food that is uniformly cooked.

Circulation of Air – Circulation of air is important to ensure proper distribution of heat. Conventional ovens lack this vital concept, and hence, cause the heat to rise to the top of the oven, thus ending up cooking more at one end than at the other. Further, they require the foods that need maximum cooking to be placed at the top rack instead of at the bottom rack, and this forces users to prolong cooking time if there are multiple bulky items to be cooked.

With the NuWave oven though, the heat is circulated throughout the cooking chamber using the small fan that is situated in the power head. When this hot air is circulated, it prevents head from concentrating at one place, while circulating it evenly throughout. This cooks the food evenly by improving the efficiency of the TCC power mentioned above. Hence, TCC power and the better circulation of air are the two major contributor to the most important of the NuWave oven benefits which is the even and thorough cooking of food.

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No 5 – Lose Weight

Though there are a number of Nuwave oven benefits, our focus on weight loss takes us to two features – the innovative heating mechanism and the use of grill racks – that ensure a delicious and nutritious yet low fat meal every time. The heating mechanism consists of a highly efficient infrared heating element. Coupled with the dome shaped glass bowl, this ensures spread of adequate amounts of hot air to all parts of the oven. As heat penetrates from all sides, the centre of the foodstuff becomes hot. This heat is then radiated in all directions within the foodstuff, thus triggering important chemical reactions that differentiate delicacies from soggy cooked foods that taste like cardboard. Since all the heat spreading is done by the hot air, there is no need to add fats or oils, thus making the foods virtually fat free.

Secondly, as mentioned above, the longer a food is cooked, more the vital nutrients lost and more the fat content increased. This innovative cooking process allows foods to be cooked 50% faster, thus ensuring that even if fats or oils are added, only the bare minimum needed for the recipe will be absorbed by the foodstuffs.

Furthermore, as the heat spreads, it causes the existing layers of fat in the foodstuff to melt. In traditional ovens, this molten fat is provided with poor outlets, thus forcing it to remain on the foodstuff or worse, be reabsorbed. Nuwave oven benefits include the use of an elevated metal grill that allows the molten fats to trickle out of the foods and into the base pan below. Indeed, it has been found that Nuwave ovens can remove about 250% more fats as compared to traditional ovens from the same foodstuffs and/or recipes. Thus the existing fat content of the foods is reduced drastically.

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No 6 – No Added Fats

NuWave Oven Cooking Mechanism

Like all ovens, NuWave’s range of ovens depends upon the diffusion of heat into the foodstuffs to achieve thorough cooking. Conventional ovens, unfortunately, have a lopsided heating mechanism that demands use of oils and grease to spread the heat effectively and thus ensure even cooking. However, NuWave’s unique design and extremely efficient far infrared heating element ensure that all three heating processes – radiation, conduction and convection – are used in tandem to achieve a fast, thorough and most importantly – fat-less cooking.

This heating mechanism, called Triple Cooking Combo, ensures that the heat penetrates the food from one end to the other, with heating occurring at the centre of the foodstuff, before moving towards the surface. This ensures thorough and even cooking without the need for any conducting medium like oil, thus eliminating the unhealthiest of ingredients from your kitchen.

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NuWave Oven Removes Fats And Oils

NuWave oven benefits are not limited to elimination of the need to use oils. TCC also melts the fats and oils naturally present in foodstuffs and cause them to collect at the base of the oven. Though this feature will work regardless of the position in which the food is kept, it is advisable to place the fatty food on the grill, so as to create a small distance between it and the base of the oven. In this position, as the fats are melted, they trickle down to the bottom of the oven and are no longer part of the cooking procedure. Sufficient space at the base ensures that this most healthy of NuWave oven benefits is not compromised by the amount of fat contained in the foodstuff.

Indeed, research has shown that the removal of fats is greatest when the amount of fats is high. In pork, for instance, the fat removal was found to be 250% more than that in a conventional oven. Similarly, 120% more beef fat was removed by NuWave ovens than by comparable conventional ovens.

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No 7 – No Preheat Required

Traditional ovens, no matter what claims their manufacturers made, required some amount of preheating to ensure efficient cooking. Naturally, this took a lot of time, not to mention waste of electricity. Now imagine an oven which requires neither, and can start cooking even frozen food as efficiently as a preheated traditional oven from the moment you first start the timer. This indeed is one of the NuWave oven benefits, and you may have heard it on TV, etc. but not quite believed it. Therefore, we have carried out some research ourselves to show just why this preheating is required in traditional ovens and why it is not necessary in your NuWave oven.

NuWave ovens also rely on heating elements so technically they too should require some preheating. However, these heating elements are far more efficient than what traditional heaters use. This means that once the timer is started, the heating element begins to produce the required amount of heat in matters of seconds instead of minutes, thus ensuring that there are no appreciable delays between the start of cooking and reaching of required temperature.

Adding to this efficiency is the TCC (Triple Combo Cooking) Power, which utilizes the combination of conduction, convection and radiation (infrared rays) to cook food in a more thorough and efficient manner. What this essentially means is that foods which require the heat to pass through it evenly can be cooked like any other food without worrying about undercooked parts, etc. This is also the reason (apart from the heating element’s efficiency) that frozen foods can be cooked without the need for any need for defrosting of the food.

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Most Common NuWave Oven Complaints –  Nuwave Oven Parts

Every kitchen appliance has its share of problems, and it is always best to have a good idea of what the most common issues with a certain appliance are, before going in for the product. The NuWave oven too has its share of issues, reported by disgruntled customers on consumer forums. In order to save your time, we have compiled the five most common NuWave oven complaints.

Broken DomeThis is by far the most common complaint regarding the appliance. A number of customers complained that the oven’s dome, even the new Power Dome, Sometimes it developed cracks within months of usage. One homemaker held that she had to buy three NuWave ovens due to repeated breakage of the domes. Though this may appear to be an extreme case, it is true that many users found the dome cracking (in some cases in half) due to the heat generated. Worse, the issue is present across almost all the models, though the Classics and Pro models seem to attract the bulk of the complaints.

Rusting rackSome consumers complained that their NuWave oven’s metal rack rusted within a year of being put to use. The people who complaint mentioned that there was no solution from customer service apart from replacing the entire unit. As such, the consumers had to clean the rack before and after usage, leading to waste of time.

Cracking TwisterA small but not insignificant number of complaints targeted the Twister. In one user’s opinion, the plastic parts of the Twister either have broken bits or break with usage, leading to declining in quality and a rattling sound when running. However, they did mention that the Twister was functional despite the breakage.

The above list is by no means the most exhaustive one that can be compiled of NuWave oven complaints, but they do include the most common ones. It will therefore, be wise to keep these in mind when considering the purchase of a NuWave oven.

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  • I bought the Nuwave 4 months ago and for any reason doesn’t turning on.
    Is brand new.
    Please let me know what I have to do.
    Thank you.

  • I bought nuwave oven recently and I am very much happy with it, cooking is fun and fast , food get cook from all side and enjoying it since I purchased, thanks nuwave oven

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